Travel with Care

Mālama Hawaii

Now that COVID restrictions continue to ease around the world, and travel to Hawaii is once again gaining momentum, we are asking our visitors to “travel pono” (travel with care) and take part in the Mālama Hawaii Program.

This special statewide program is led by the Hawaii Visitors and Conventions Bureau (HVCB) in partnership with the Hawaii Tourism Authority (HTA). Visitors who take part in this initiative will be able to help preserve our islands’ natural resources, and learn about Hawaii’s rich historical culture.

The purpose of the Mālama Hawaii initiative is not only to help protect and preserve Hawaii for the future, but to offer travelers a more meaningful and enriching travel experience, allowing them to form deeper connections to our people, culture and land.

There are various opportunities for visitors to experience Hawaii on a much more personal level. From helping restore native Hawaiian fishponds, to beach and trail cleanups, there are many ways for visitors to participate.

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