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Hawaii is called a tropical paradise for a reason. No matter what time of year you visit Hale Koa Hotel in beautiful Oahu, you’ll find warm, comfortable conditions.


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Hawaii is in the tropics, and the climate in Oahu reflects mild temperatures, warm waters and ideal conditions all year. Our average high temperatures stay around the low-mid 80s and low temperatures range from the high 60s-low 70s. Depending on how the trade winds roll in, you could experience a range of weather patterns in a short period of time. Still, they’re all pretty mild and very comfortable, especially if you’re coming from the mainland.

Of course, we get rain – that’s how we keep everything so lush and green, after all. It rains more often in the winter months, but you’ll find the rain in Hawaii usually happens gently, along with sun, and comes and goes pretty fast. It could be raining in one spot but completely sunny a few minutes down the road.


Seasonal Information

Visitors from the mainland might not realize it, but seasons do change in Hawaii, even if ever so slightly. Don’t be surprised if you see locals walking around in sweaters during the winter, even though it will probably feel balmy if you’ve come from the mainland. And speaking of winter, the sun sets where we are in Waikiki during the late fall and winter months, which is good to keep in mind.

Hawaii is surrounded by water, of course, and the water conditions can vary with the seasons as well, especially in different parts of the island. For example, waters off Waikiki where Hale Koa Hotel are famous for inviting conditions year-round, though they can be more calm in the winter. Be sure to check the surf reports before you head out, especially if you’re exploring other parts of the island, so you know what the conditions will be like and plan accordingly.

Also, for as mild as our temperatures are, you’ll probably want to bring a light jacket, especially if you plan to be on or near the water at night or head up to elevation, where it gets chilly.


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