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COVID-19 Travel Update

*Update as of 12:00pm October 16, 2020

City and State's Updated COVID-19 Information FAQs

COVID-19 Travel Updates

Before completing your booking, please review restrictions and guidelines for all travelers to and among the islands of Hawaii. Guests arriving from out-of-state are subject to a mandatory 14-day self-quarantine.

As of 29 October 2020, Hale Koa Hotel accommodations are available for all eligible users. However, there will be differing restrictions and policies in effect depending upon various individual circumstances, including where you are traveling from and whether or not you are on official travel versus leisure. 

* If you are arriving from outside the State of Hawaii and you are on official military travel (TDY/PCS), US Army restrictions will require a 14 day Restriction of Movement (ROM) at the Hotel. 

* If you are arriving from outside the State of Hawaii for personal leisure, you must register with the State of Hawaii in advance and provide at check in a negative COVID test result taken within 72 hours prior to departure of your flight to Hawaii. Without a negative test result, you will be required to ROM for 14 days. If you were tested but the results are delayed, you will be required to ROM until the results are verified. Detailed information about Hawaii travel restrictions may be found on Hawaii.gov.

* Visitors requiring ROM will be required to self-isolate without leaving your hotel room for 14 days, except for medical emergencies or to seek medical care, and would be responsible for any costs associated with the quarantine.

* If you are an eligible guest residing on Oahu, and you have not been off island within the past 14 days, there are no COVID restrictions affecting your stay at the Hale Koa. 

Please click on the following links for updated information on Hawaii’s COVID-19 restrictions and procedures:


City and State's Updated COVID-19 Information FAQs <https://www.oneoahu.org/faqs>

The Hotel continues reopening in stages with some amenities and vacation services not available until local and military guidelines permit these services to resume.

Housekeeping services are provided every third day. Food & beverage options are limited.  The Pools are open, but slides, hot tub, splash pad and children’s pool are closed. The fitness center and other hotel concessions (i.e., beach rental services, dry cleaning, salon, spa, tour & travel and car rental) are not yet open.

In accordance with Honolulu City and County COVID-19 Emergency Order, parks and beaches are open to groups of five (5) individuals only. Indoor and outdoor social gatherings are also limited to five (5) individuals only.

The health and safety of guests and staff are a top priority. Hand-sanitizer stations have been installed in high traffic areas (restaurants, lobbies, elevators, etc.).  Appropriate protective equipment has been provided to employees and the staff has been trained on new standards and expectations related to hygiene, cleanliness, social distancing and safety.  Guests will be asked to bring their own masks to be worn at all times in common areas and to observe physical distancing guidelines.

Contact the hotel directly for more information.