July 09, 2020 6:25pm


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Pool FAQ (Phased)

Swimming Pools Q&A: 


Q: What are the hours of operation for the Swimming Pool?

A: 10:00 am – 6:00 pm Daily


Q: Will lifeguards be available at the Swimming Pools?

A: Yes, there will be lifeguards at the Main Pool. All non-swimmers must be accompanied by an adult while in the water.


Q: Will a hot tub be available at the Main Pool?

A: No, the hot tub will not be available at this time.


Q: Will there be separate times for adult and children swim?

A:  Yes, there will be a 10 minute break at the top of the hour for adults to swim.  This is also a time for children to reunite with parents, take a comfort break, reapply sunscreen, and for lifeguards to conduct swim tests and assess water chemistry.


Q: Will there be food and beverage available at the Swimming Pools?

A: Yes, food is available for takeout from Bibas Courtyard Grill and Happy’s Fast & Fresh.


Q: Are coolers containing food, beverages and snacks permitted in the Swimming Pools?

A: Coolers are not permitted in the Main Pool area, in addition to no outside food and beverages, unless purchased from any Hale Koa Hotel eatery or AAFES Exchange. Coolers and outside food and beverages are permitted on the beach.


Q: Are beach and ocean rentals available?

A: No, Koa Beach Service will not be available at this time. 


Q: Who is allowed to use the Swimming Pools?

A: Due to limited capacity and safety, access to the Swimming Pool will be reserved for registered hotel guests only.